Our Mission

Morningstar Learning Center’s mission is to develop and connect Big Sky’s young children and families by providing reliable childcare, quality early education, and supportive resources from planning through parenthood.


Currently, we are the only full time daycare or preschool in the community. Big Sky is a resort community, with five winter/summer resorts and a large number of second homes, and the high property values that accompany such an area. Accordingly, the cost to live and work in Big Sky is much higher than in other rural Montana communities. The young families who live and work here often work several hourly jobs to make ends meet. There are very few salaried jobs available. Historically, the lack of childcare has forced some young families to move out of the community, threatening the growth and prosperity of our area.

Morningstar Learning Center fills a critical void in Big Sky’s basic community infrastructure by providing accessible, affordable early education childcare services. Our services are requisite to the success of our community and cannot be overstated. If you ask any local employer the largest obstacle to their growth, they inevitably reply that hiring good people is the biggest challenge due to the high cost of housing and limited availability of childcare.

Morningstar Learning Center opened in September 2007 and was fully enrolled in approximately three weeks.  With the addition of the Infant Facility, Morningstar is now able to enroll up to 56 students daily. With its flexible enrollment policies, Tuition Assistance Program, and dedicated, qualified, and professional staff, families continue to choose Morningstar to meet their childcare and early learning needs.

Our 501(c)(3) status allows us to offer our services at the lowest possible cost, by supplementing operating costs with private donations.