Morningstar Learning Center
Enrollment for Academic Year 2023-2024


Morningstar’s mission is to develop and connect Big Sky’s young children and families by providing reliable childcare, quality early education, and supportive resources from planning through parenthood. 

Our school operates year round using an academic calendar year, and we have the option for both Part-time and Full-time yearly enrollment. Part-time students attend the same three days a week throughout the year in an effort to maintain consistency with their schedules and the classroom atmosphere.  A Regular day schedule is from 8:30am-4pm with an option for Extended day from 4pm-5:30pm.  Extended day is available for both Part-time and Full-time schedules.

*We are currently closed on Fridays due to a staffing shortage; therefore our Full-time scheduled students attend Monday-Thursday.


How enrollment will work:

  • Upon acceptance families will choose whether they want to enroll full-time (5 days a week) or part-time (3 days a week) for the entire year. *Due to a staffing shortage, full-time schedules are currently 4 days a week Monday – Thursday.
  • Part-time families will choose a weekly schedule that they will keep throughout the year.
  • Families who wish to add extended day options will be able to sign up for a limited number of spots for the entire year.
  • Drop-in days will be available to families who choose part-time enrollment, but similar to now, this option will be based on availability and is not guaranteed.
  • Tuition includes materials fees.
    • Making Changes to Enrollment


    • Families who wish to transition from part-time to full-time during the year will be able to do so pending availability.
    • Families who wish to withdraw from or decrease enrollment during the school year (ie: transition from full-time to part-time) during the year will require written notice to the admin team and be responsible for the next month’s tuition. 
    • Part-time families who wish to change their weekly schedule will be able to do so pending availability. There will be a change fee and a maximum of two opportunities to change the weekly schedule during the year.
    • New baby enrollment policy: Any family who wishes to enroll a new infant at age 6 months is advised to notify Morningstar at the earliest opportunity with the expected birth and enrollment dates. Infants will be placed on a waitlist for their expected month of enrollment, and spots will be assigned based on availability in the order of our admission priorities with preference for in-house families. Availability will be confirmed after the returning student enrollment period has concluded.


    Application process

    1. Prior to Applying
      • Inquire with MLC
      • Tour the facility
    2. To Apply
      • Join Brightwheel (MLC’s enrollment software)
      • Complete application
      • Pay application fee
      • If no spots are available, join the waitlist
    3. When a spot becomes available
      • Complete enrollment forms (immunization records, student records, tuition agreement)
      • Schedule a shadow day/meet and greet
      • Pay enrollment commitment fee
      • Receive welcome packet



      Required Enrollment Forms

      • MLC Student Enrollment Application
      • MLC State Forms
      • MLC Enrollment Forms
      • MLC Medical Forms
      • MLC Policy Form
      • MLC Tuition Agreement
      • We also require a copy of each child’s immunization record.