The vision of Morningstar Learning Center is to provide state-licensed, affordable childcare for the children and families in our local community. Over the last 10 years, Morningstar has made this vision a reality while providing developmentally appropriate curricula and experiences to encourage and support students’ individual growth in a fun filled, positive, and welcoming environment.  As the only full-time, year-round, licensed childcare provider in Big Sky, we serve the needs of over 50 families and provide support to over 30 local businesses.  We strive to offer a sustainable and progressive childcare facility that will continue to fill this growing need in our community for working families.  Our partnerships with the Big Sky School District, Community Library, WIA, Thrive, YCCF, SPCF, MCF and many other community organizations help to ensure our continued success.  As Big Sky continues to grow and change, we will continue to adapt to best meet the needs of the Big Sky community.

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All of our children are given the opportunity to learn and play during their day!  Come see us to find out for yourself!